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It's fun to trend!  Whether it's your wardrobe, your home's architecture, it's furnishings, however, being timeless is a trend that never goes out of style!

Look to see how you can timelessly incorporate these 2022 trends into your home or workspace(s). 

Every trend has a story; if you are interested in knowing more about interior and exterior designs latest trends...let's chat!  

Classic Interior
Apartment Views
Pink armchair
Stylist Modern Study

What's my vibe and style? 

I initially started designing interiors that held more of a commercial and industrial direction. I soon realized that my eye became stagnate with too much of the same and moved towards a montage of eclecticism for the homes and workspaces I designed.  I am not as concerned about a home or workspace speaking to one specific era, but design that bridges many styles to bring together spaces that are cohesive, comfortable and enjoyed by the very people who spend their time relaxed and belonging in their space(s).  

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